Ways Of Understanding Vaginismus And Your Sex Life

When women experience involuntary contraction and tightening of the vaginal muscles causing them discomfort or pain, this condition is called vaginismus and affects many aspects of a woman’s life. Simply put, this medical condition leads to the inability of women to have easy penetration of the male organ.


Vaginismus is particularly caused by the tightening of the pubococcygeus muscles which is responsible for vaginal intercourse, urination, orgasms, childbirth, and bowel movement. Having vaginismus does not mean that the there is an abnormality in the genital area.

Although there is no specific reason why these occur, some women encounter it the first time during sex, some after menopause and some when they are emotionally distressed. The pain that comes with vaginismus varies with it ranging from slight discomfort to severe pain.

Because they are already scared, this makes the muscles get more contracted when they are about to engage in sexual intercourse. Sometimes, these women find it difficult to use tampons. For the married, this can leave the marriage unconsummated.
However, a woman suffering from vaginismus can still be sexually aroused.

This does not mean that these women do not enjoy other sexual activities that do not require penetration.

Although Vaginismus was first discovered over 70 years ago yet doctors (gynaecologists and surgeons) are still confronted by the most suitable surgical method and consultative treatment to use to fix the problem at the vaginal orifice.

However, ensure that you seek the doctor’s advise and have a pelvic examination for a proper diagnosis. And exercising is key.

The most effective procedure is opening your legs wide and massaging the pelvic floor inside by placing two fingers and exerting pressure on the area. she put on some plastic gloves, had me spread wide, and massaged my pelvic floor…from the inside and outside. Externally, the doctor massages the thigh area.

Its purpose is to ease the trigger points so that the pain can cease.

from guardian newspaper


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