When apologising to someone you hurt, you need to show remorse about your actions and acknowledges the hurt that your actions have caused to the offended person.
For some people, apologising doesn’t come naturally. However, learning how to apologise effectively can mean the difference in your relationships.
Below are helpful tips on how to apologise:

1.Be honest
Showing sincerity to the offended party will help make forgiveness easier. Saying I’m sorry “if” I hurt you is not the best statement to acknowledge that you were wrong instead say: I’m sorry I hurt you.

2.Admit you were wrong
The first step to showing you are truly sorry is to acknowledge that you understand you are wrong to the offended person. Owning up to your actions shows the offended person that you understand and accept the responsibilities of your actions.

3.Ask for forgiveness
Most people often skip this part in conflict resolution. It is of utmost importance that you ask for forgiveness from the offended person. Regardless of whatever the action taken by the offended party, asking for forgiveness shows the offended person that their feelings matter too.

Don’t just apologise follow up with corrective actions. What is the point of apologising for a wrong behaviour and still repeating the same behaviour again?
Apologise and make the necessary adjustments in your dealings with others.

5.Don’t quit
If you are truly sorry, be prepared to apologise multiple times until the offended person understands your remorse.
To apologise and expect your relationship to go back to normal is quite unrealistic. Conflicts can change the dynamics of your relationship.


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